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Do you travel outside Athens?2020-02-16T21:50:32+02:00

Yes. There is an additional charge to cover the cost of fuel to and from the place of your event.

Can Photobooth Rental exceed 6 hours?2020-02-16T21:50:22+02:00

Yes. With further reduced costs.

Can I use Photobooth in the outside?2020-02-16T21:49:28+02:00

Of course. You should provide us with a stable flat surface.

How long does it takes for setting up the Photobooth?2020-02-16T21:49:20+02:00

1 hour for the simple package, 1 hour and a half for the package + Green Screen

Can iPhotoBooth be moved to a floor with stairs?2020-02-16T21:49:11+02:00


How many people can fit in a photo of the Photobooth?2020-02-16T21:49:03+02:00

iphotobooth can be fit from 1  to 15 people in one frame.

How large are Photobooth printings?2020-02-16T21:48:54+02:00

Classic: 6 “x 4” Retro: 6 “x 2” Branding: 6 “x 4” Selfie: 6 “x 4” (10cm x 15cm)

How much space is needed for the placement of the Photobooth?2020-02-16T21:48:45+02:00

iPhotobooth Rental can be work in extremely small rooms, which makes them the perfection option of your wedding, your business event or your party in Athens or in Greece, where it will give them an air of fantasy and fun to your event. Photobooth can be placed 1 meter in front of a wall or a background.

Who handles the photobooth?2020-02-16T21:48:35+02:00

Photobooth is autonomous, which means that even those guests who are not familiar with new technologies can handle it. iPhotobooth provides you with a service and not just with a product. With all our products, we offer you a great quality service. It includes an employee who stays next to the Photobooth and helps all your guests with the technology and guides them how to use it. By renting a Photobooth does not arrive just an attendant or technician, but we will send you a professional photographer who will capture each picture with great capability and experience, to ensure that each photo looks awesome and unique. Enjoy a luxury experience with your guests, than just an average typical photo.

How much time is needed for each photo to be printed?2020-02-16T21:48:27+02:00

iPhotobooth has been planned to capture great moments in the minimum time. In less than 20’’ you can have your picture in your hands.

Can we keep a copy of the photos of the Photobooth?2020-02-16T21:48:16+02:00

All pictures are saved. Within seven days of your event  we send you all the photographs from the event, through digital copy, to the directly interested by sending them through cloud. (like dropbox, google drive, etc)

lighting requirements2020-02-16T21:48:06+02:00

Depending on the lightning, may be will be needed to add an umbrella or a low lightning LED projector, which does not require any extra room. It is suggested to have a current stream, so will not be used many meters of cable and guests will be messing with the cables.

How much space is needed for the placement of the Photobooth?2020-02-16T21:47:51+02:00

Dimensions: 110 cm length x 180 cm height and will be needed about 2 meters from the wall it will be places or 2 x 3 meters when Green Screen is used.

iPhotobooth Props2020-02-16T21:47:39+02:00

iPhotobooth Rental includes a line of quality props without any extra charge, to make the event even more fun! Plus, will make your guests to laugh and entertain themselves during the event.  

What Green Screen is?2020-02-16T21:47:29+02:00

Additionally, we can Green Screen where we can put of the green background of all photos a logo or a message or the name of the event or the name of the couple, in cases of wedding.