Merge Calco Hellas SA

Since 2015 Merge Calco Hellas, has been activating in the field of e-marketing services. We specialize in digital advertising, marketing campaigns, events and brand awareness and promotion.iPhotobooth is activated in digital photo, prints and slow motion videos through a variety of equipment that can meet the needs of modern and classic decoration. In particular, we provide high quality image, video and slow motion content to promote services and products through social media and email marketing. We provide interactive experience ensuring the ultimate success, meeting the most demanding requests. At the same time, digital imaging provides a new generation of print media marketing targeting the success of marketing campaigns. Many companies that use this kind of strategy, have trusted our services as you can find in our extensive portfolio.

Some of the companies that have used the Iphotobooth as a tool of their marketing strategy can be found below:

  • Opap Let’s Bet
  • Thessaloniki Marathon,
  • Coca Cola Corporate Events
  • Pepsico
  • Video Booth Interviews
  • Stoli Product promotion 
  • Product promotion and Apivita corporate events
  • Korres Corporate events and product promotion
  • Laoudis Foods Product Promotion
  • Rontis corporate event
  • E-Food Product Promotion 
  • Wolt Product Promotion
  • And many more.
  • Stoli Product Promotion

You can also find some examples of our events in our photo gallery. 

Our company has also participated in major festivals and exhibitions like waterboom, color day, Hellenic Expo, Artoza, Metropolitan expo etc

Merge Calco HELLAS, as a company that aims at evolution, growth, education and social responsibility is a proud sponsor of many great events such as TedxAueb Think biz, The Smile of the Child in Athens charity etc

Promoting the Photobooth industry, our group of companies is one of the first business to participate in exhibitions to make Photobooth’s services known not only to marketing companies but also to the general public. Staying focus in our vision and corporate philosophy, at the end of the previous year (2019) and at the beginning of this year (2020) with our own cost, we have participated in two different concepts:

The first one is the upside room, that has been presented for the first time in Mec Paiania for 40 consecutive days, combining an interactive experience for the whole family, and the Tunnel of Love, where together with top collaborators in the area of ​​soundtrack and decorators, that was presented at the Zappeion Palace and offered a unique experience for the exhibitors and guests.